New York Modular Society @ H0l0 12-20-2019


New York Modular Society is a collective and community. Discussion, organization and general modular fun happens on Discord. If you want to be considered for an upcoming show, join us there and introduce yourself. Join NYMS on Discord

Live in person shows

NYMS is back, in full effect. We are booking live shows for the remainder of 2021.

NYMS hosts monthly modular showcase events at great venues around NYC. Featuring 6 artists in a single night, sets are typically 20-30 minutes. Applications will be reviewed by show curators. If accepted you will contacted by a curator about setting up a show date.

This event is curated and not an open-mic. For folks looking to brush up on their performance skills or want to try something new on stage in front of an accepting audience, consider playing at Strange Stage. Book here

Streaming Shows

Our diversity of shows covers nearly any kind of music you can imagine. Each show has curators that manage line up and booking. Learn more about each show below:


If you book or manage a venue and interested in working with New York Modular Society to host a show, please contact us directly.