Anyone have any recommendations for rail replacements?

vclokivcloki Admin, Member

I'm tired of the slider nuts. They are infuriating, as I'm sure most, if not all of you can relate to. Looking for easy to drop in replacements.


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  • DysonantDysonant Admin
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    The Z-Rails are quality, and finding the rails and strips together, competitively priced. You will not find rails and strips for much cheaper.


  • I know you have this case

    I am curious if the rails that are in there would take a threaded strip. It would be cheaper just to buy the strips and insert them into the rails you already have. You might want to email Elite Modular and ask them if they have a recommendation. Be warned that usually these usually come in 84hp so you would need to buy extra ones and cut them to fill out the full 104hp

    If you can't be bothered and just want to replace them, TipTop Z-Rails are pretty solid. You can get 104hp ones here, and they are black! But it will cost you over $200

    I know @chris built his own case. Maybe he has a recommendation.

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member

    I'll email them and see what they say. I'd prefer to go the cheap option, but since I'm probably keeping this case until I die, it doesn't really matter.

  • @vcloki You could also just stuff the rails. What problems are you having with the sliding nuts? I prefer them to threaded inserts.

    If you get tired of lining things up I just keep a tiny allen wrench handy (the smallest one) and that make it super easy to slide. If you are having trouble getting the screws in with washers (my only problem) then you just need slightly longer screws :D

    Stuffing basically gets you the same thing as threaded inserts though and you can keep your rails. Just buy another set of nuts that work with your screws and slide them in.

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