Interesting take / discussion on modular live performing.

I know most of us (YOU NOT ME) have done a decent amount of live performance. I found this while diving down the Youtube rabbit hole looking at self patchable desktop synth videos, and it's been an interesting look at live performance with modular.

I'd be interested in hearing y'all's thoughts on the video, and whatever you have to add to it. I've performed live once (on FB, which won't matter now since I don't use FB anymore), and am going to try to get out and do physical live shows in the future.


  • cliffemucliffemu Contributor, Member

    He's interesting for sure but all he's really doing is sending the same sequence to all voices and triggering them with different gate patterns. (I'm not sure how there's no voltage drop from passive multing...) Or he just has something play the root note. After that it's just drums and sound fx getting triggered. It's techno after all.

    He complains about having a heavy case for travel and wanting to simplify but he doesn't seem to do that, with the exception being the gig he played on just an iphone. I'm personally more interested to see what people accomplish with less. As he says, it all comes down to how good you are at performing anyways!

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