A little jam I recorded

I made... whatever the hell this is.

Some quick and incomplete patch notes (I broke the patch down before noting anything so this is from memory, I'm forgetting some stuff in here)

I had a channel 4 of maths cycling at audio rates going through the LxD and had sample and hold from the Pittsburgh SV1 changing the pitch of the maths. I had white noise going through a high pass filter with cutoff being modulated by the lfo of the SV1 going through the other channel of the LxD. These were then being mixed and sent to the mimeophon. A drone from Warp's onboard oscillator was... droning and sequenced preset voltage from the Pittsburgh KB1 was playing an Oscillator from the SV1 going straight to channel 2 of Warps and was turning the algorithm knob by hand. I was playing the Boog with the Pittsburgh KB1 and that was going through a MI clouds clone.


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