Thinking about switching out the ADM06. Looking for recommendations on a replacement.

vclokivcloki Admin, Member

I've been watching videos on the Intellijel Metropolis, and it looks like it works the way my brain would expect a sequencer to work. I am, however looking for other recommendations.

I've got a v1 Pam's, Varigate 8+, and an Arpitecht+expander for sequencing so far.


  • Would you consider a make noise rene? It can be pretty powerful or as simple as you want.

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member

    I had one before the ADM06. I didn't like it. I like the patch saving ability of the ADM, which the Metropolis has.

  • DysonantDysonant Admin
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    considering you have a varigate ate 8, you pretty covered on gates and it also have two CV channels. What are your expectations from a sequencer? Like do you want to use it for pitch? Do you want that pitch quantized? How many channels should it be? How many steps?

    also, have you tried chaining each CV out on the varigate to a gate and using the varigate? That would get you pretty damn close to Metropolis territory.

  • yohan753yohan753 Member
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    I got an eloquencer a couple months ago. I’d be happy to answer any questions you might have about it. It’s my first euro sequencer so I have nothing to compare it to.

    the USTA recently caught my eye so I’ve been debating making a switch too

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member

    @dysonant I have not tried mucking about with the CV yet.

    One thing I started looking at also was the Voltage Block to go with the Varigate, as well. This would probably be a decent replacement for the ADM as well. I'm definitely going to do more research, since I'm not 100% on what exactly I'm looking for, and I'm also not knowledgable enough to fully describe what I'm looking for, without it possibly being super redundant.

  • DysonantDysonant Admin
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    @vcloki That is the thing, the Varigate has two channels of CV which you can sync to two gate. So basically Gate 7 & 8 get slaved to CV 1 & 2. Then you have a 2 channel 16 step sequencer on which you could program Bass one one and lead on the other. Check this out, I start it right at the CV sequence part.

    Do that first, then watch this part which explains how to lin CV to gates

  • Came across this in my searches for a new and interesting cotroller/sequencer.

    Looks pretty nifty.

  • @vcloki Have you ever checked this out? It is a pretty exhaustive list of eurorack sequencers

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member

    Just watched the video. Turned me on to some more features of the Varigate 8+. Definitely putting the ADM06 on the chopping block, but not sure if I'm going to want a Voltage Block. I'm heavily leaning that direction, though.

    Thanks @dysonant .

  • That makes sense. They are good partners. I think just learn to use the Varigate really well. They you can figure out if a Voltage block or a different sequencer is what you are after.

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member


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