I've been toying around with unracking my Rene2.

It takes up way too much real estate for how much I don't use it.

This is what I'm currently working with:


I like the idea of having more options for melody and more options for performance instead of sequencing. So far the only thing I've been considering so far is Make Noise Pressure Points (20p) and a Make Noise Telharmonic (14hp) I've only recently been interested in the Telharmonic thanks to @chris but I'm still kinda learning about it and its features. I wish I had the HP to spare to throw a Brains in there too. I know Brains has the option for I can't remember exactly what its called... universal pressure gate out? I don't think PP has the option for that without Brains.

Thoughts on Pressure Points + Telharmonic without Brains?

Any other combos I should consider?


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