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So, I'm going through my rack, and pruning, making wishlists and such, and so far, this is what I've come up with. It's not close to 100%, and i know there's some extra items on there, that I could probably do without, but feel free to throw out some suggestions, if so inclined.


As an FYI: The Euclidean Circles module is only on there until I finish an app that I've been working on.


  • So, I spent a bit of time looking at this rack and revised the layout to as best as possible optimize cable length. Additionally, I removed a few modules and added a few. This is why:

    Between the Batumi, Voltage Block and the Quadra you get a fair amount of extra modulation sources. I removed the extra Quadra for now because it seems like overkill at the moment. You can always get that down the line after you've had time to get used to one.

    Same kind of goes for the extra Quad VCA, although, that honestly might be more worth it, but I think you can live without it. Don't sell the PGH one for now and you have two more VCAs.

    I added two mixers for different purposes.

    1. Bubble Sound Mix6. Added this for mixing waveforms/audio from various VCOs. For example you can mix the Sub, Saw and Pulse from the Spectrum then run that to a filter or whatever. That still leaves you 3 channel to create another audio mix or even to use to mix CV.
    2. Intellijel MixUp. Added this so you can create a drum submix and mix in the stereo output from your delay then send it to the Stereo Aux return on your Mixer. This effectively adds 4 more channels to your mixer.

    I also added one filter, the SSF MMF. It is an awesome sounding filter in a really small package. I added this mostly so you can filter some percussion to add frequency shifts, frequency separation and dynamics.

    As far as the way it is organized, this is just a suggested layout, obviously organize it however you see fit. Also you can call me and we can chat about why I chose this layout.

    Finally, you should duplicate this and add it to you racks, I will probably delete it in the near future. I am super anal about what racks I have on modulargrid.

  • vclokivcloki Admin, Member

    Thanks for all the work on this @dysonant . I've copied it over to my MG, and will check it out this afternoon. I get what you're saying about the modulation sources, with regards to the envelopes (Quadra), and I think you're right.

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