Update on NYMS Compilations Distribution

First thing thanks to everyone who submitted music for the first NYMS compilation. Lots of great stuff in there and really reflects the level of talent in our little crew.

I've been looking into how we get these compilations onto streaming services. Turns out it's very hard, and expensive, to submit music on behalf of a multitude of artists. Services like Distrokid assume you're a label and that you're running a business, thus want to charge you a much higher rate (reasonably so).

I think I've found a workaround but it requires a bit of compromise from artists who will be on this and future NYMS compilations. We would treat New York Modular Society as the "artist" on these services and then the track title would list both your artist name and the song title. So here's an example of what the metadata and titling would look like this for my song (note album name not final):

Artist: New York Modular Society

Album: NYMS1

Track: Saddle Up the Robots - Church Songs (Live)

Where's everyone's head at on this? I want to clearly state that this is not some sort of rights land grab or whatever. You obviously retain all ownership and rights of your music. This is solely so we have a fast, cheap way of getting all your great music featured on streaming services. Any money generated by these releases will be reinvested in the NYMS community. Services, events, etc. I will be as transparent as possible about sales, streams, etc. In the end it's your music and you should know the amount of consumption!

Can everyone who wanted to be featured on our compilations confirm you are comfortable with this approach? There's unfortunately no other way to do this so if you are uncomfortable I promise we won't redistribute your work.


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