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Show off your true love, post beauty shots, links, tell members a little about it and you.


  • I've been working on a new version of my performance system, Exocomp. Aesthetics are important to me, I find them very inspiring, so I got a lot of black panels and am working toward a mostly black system. The modules themselves come first and these have all been painstakingly curated over roughly 5 years. The system has changed so many times I cannot count anymore. However, that slowed down a bit over the past year as I settled into a solid workflow. I am still waiting on a the release of a couple modules to finish it off, but for now this is where I am.

  • Nice!

    here is the rig I brought on the ship for two weeks and what I had at Strange Stage last night.

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    This is my current system:

    There's a Boog and a DFAM underneath it. Here's the modular grid minus the Boog and DFAM

  • Getting there...including some pedals for fun

  • @yohan753 not modular but glad to see another Roland SH-01A user!

  • Yessir! It’s a little annoying format wise...and the output level is a little on the low side which impacts the vocoder I run it into which likes a “hot” signal. But it sounds good 😁

  • @dysonant I've been thinking about trying out instruo modules. From afar I like what they are doing.

  • Hey! I love seeing what every one is working with!

    I've always played piano and started playing guitar a few years ago. I started getting in to synths around a year ago and then jumped in full steam ahead in the spring.

    I usually work on things 30 minutes to an hour a day and I perform weekly. I've been working my way up to a couple of pre-designed "systems."

    I really like the depth and play ability of the Make Noise modules, so I started with Make Noise Cartesian System. Each month or so I would buy a module and spend a month working with it. Technically I started with an O-COAST, but otherwise my first module was a Wiard Wogglebug. I used that and the O-COAST exclusively for an entire month before I added the tELHARMONIC. @mrwilliam says I'm pretty good with the tel and the fact I only had that, a wogglebug and an o-coast for quite a while would explain the amount of practice on it 😁

    Eventually I arrived at a System Cartesian? with a v1 Rene, Wiard Wogglebug and v1 modDemix.

    This doesn't fit in the 104hp case I have so I decided to build a case. It is 6U x 84hp made of solid maple πŸŽΈπŸ›Ή with an Intellijel power supply. I easily spent 20 hours building the case. I tell my self I will never do that again πŸ˜‚. I chose maple because so many awesome things are made of maple (and it is a stronger wood, but not super heavy like oak). It also looks really nice. I finished it off with a fender amp handle on the top so I can transport it to shows.

    Beyond the System Cartesian I've added TEMPI, Pressure Points and the Mimeophon. I'm working towards a Shared System but I got a little distracted.

    The video below has some shots of my full current System.

    The plan is to have smaller performance systems for shows. I have two smaller performance cases. One is a 90 hp monorocket that is originally from a Make Noise System Concrete and the other is a 104 hp Pittsburgh Modular move system. Since I've been performing a lot I find it is difficult to patch live with too large of system. I've generally been setting up a patch and then moving lots of cables during the show to mutate the patch. With these smaller systems I can keep the same concept but I think it will be easier to do larger changes and also help my self experiment and create new things by being restricted. (pictures to follow.. actually using a mini-system tonight because some modules are out for repair)

  • @chris I really appreciate your methodical approach to learning and building out your system. I think you are in the minority here being able to show such restraint. The case came out nice too, slick joints on that thing.

  • πŸ˜‚ I blew them out badly... they could have been slick.

  • Had a buddy tell me to buy them slow and decided to listen. :P

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    I wrapped up my performance system and satellite a couple of months ago with the release of the MakeNoise Mimeophon. I started on this adventure last October with the Roland 512 VCO and a TipTop Happy Ending. Initially I focused on the Roland System 500 modules as the consistent dual design offered stereo capability and some musicians I admire spoke highly of the original System 100M. I picked up an STO for a 3rd voice a la Arp 2600 / Minimoog. Then after watching Todd Barton's Serge videos, I decided I wanted something that encouraged wilder forms of modulation patching - thus the Dual Universal Slope Generator (DUSG). Though larger than say, Maths, the DUSG offered 1v/oct tracking so I felt it would deliver on the versatility. I wasn't mistaken, I'm still sorting through all the possibilities of this module. The only other bit in my system that's comparable in terms of "depth" wrt. modulation madness is the Smooth Stepped Generator (SSG). Finally, the Morphagene gets a place in the main case as it's one of the few non-"classic" modules that I felt offered something special to me.

    The satellite originally was intended primarily for utilities, more modulation and effects, not standalone. However, I was happy to discover that the Mimeophon + SSG + XPan is a pretty decent synth all on its own due to the Mimeophon uRate CV. The SSG can generate simple envelopes, and the Mimeophon effectively has a filter via the Color CV. Worth mentioning - the Serge NCOM is a pretty nifty module - it's a comparator / pulse counter - useful for generating events every Nth step. I made a pretty fun patch where the NCOM triggers the SSG S/H every N steps which changes the Rate parameter of the Mimeophon which was being sequenced by a Korg SQ-1 via uRate . This is particularly interesting when paired with another oscillator being driven by the same sequencer as the Mimeophon strict rate divisions will mean the result will be harmonically related.

    Probably the only piece of new modular gear that I'm really excited about at the moment is the Random Source Serge Eurorack TKB, but I'm still on break for the time being. Even though I play this system quite regularly - I think I've scratched like 1% of the surface :

  • @swannod really cool and interesting selection of modules. You are not kidding about barely scratching the surface, l am pretty sure there is a nearly infinite amount of possibilities. I'd love to hear an example of the patch you describe if you have one.

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    @swannod That looks like its a crazy versatile system! I agree with @dysonant I'd love to hear and see that thing in action!

    Also, as someone with the Make Noise CV Bus Case too, what are you using as a stand for it?

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    @dysonant I haven't recorded that patch idea yet - let me put something together and I'll share it! @mrwilliam it's this one, recommendation via Rob Hordijk (designer of the Rungler/Benjolin) for his standard 5U system, I figured it would work just as well for the MN 7U, and it does! Folds up quite compact for gigs - fits ok in a tote along with my cables and whatever odds and end I might bring.

  • Sweet thanks!

  • @swannod I was just thinking an amp stand would be the way to go. Thanks :D

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    Hello everyone, just joined here, nice little corner, thanks.

    Here is part of my little Setup:

  • @BasariModular gorgeous setup!

  • Hey all! This is my full rig in one modulargrid layout (though it is actually made up of a few separate, smaller cases):

    I'll post some pics when it's all unpatched and tidied up!

  • "I'll post some pics when it's all unpatched and tidied up!"

    Lets see some spaghetti mess!

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    This is based around the uo_C doing the heavy work of creating so-called "microtonal" sequences (in my case, all based on Turkish makam-s), with Pam's responsible for a lot of complex rhythmic stuff. Pretty happy with it at the moment, but need more attenuation, could use a LPG alongside a more interesting noise source, and perhaps distortion. Mixing and delay is outside of the eurorack itself.

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    @tuj what is the Sega joypad for?!

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