Making progress on the Dreadbox Antiphon

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So far, the only way I've strayed from the instructions is that the TL074 ICs according to Dreadbox are supposed to be mounted directly to the PCB. I decided to order some sockets and mount them that way instead.



  • Man, this looks great, lots to go though!

  • @dysonant I've read that a lot of people are having some problems with theirs after the build. I'm prepared for the worst...

  • I believe in you

  • DysonantDysonant Admin
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    So how is it going? Any more progress, pics? Of course we are all gonna want sounds too!

  • No progress as of late. I was having issues trying to clean flux off the boards and had to order some flux cleaner and had to wait on that. In the meantime I got distracted by other other things I had going on. I'm hoping to get back into it soon!

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    You have way more patience than I. I can't wait to hear it in action.

  • Coming down the homestretch! One issue I've been having is that Dreadbox specifies some pretty cool iron temps. I was having issues with getting solder to flow and some cold joints here and there. I'm probably going to reflow most of the solder joints to be on the safe side.

  • Its alive!!

    Having an issue with oscillator number 5. I only have the way upper range on it. I'm hoping it'll work itself out when I calibrate scaling and tuning.

  • Some pretty amazing bell like tones toward the end there. Very interested in seeing more vids.

  • When I finally get around to tuning and scaling, I was toying around with the idea of livestreaming the whole process so you all can laugh at me :P

  • Damn. I just did a little test/run through. I dont have good enough internet and/or wifi to livestream the tuning of the antiphon. Sorry!

  • Tuning and calibrating the Antiphon I did some exploring of what it can do at the end.:

    If you want to skip the tuning and go straight to the noise, skip to 34:50 Be warned though, I had issues with clipping!

    Following the official guide for tuning the Dreadbox Antiphon, found here:


    I go through the process of tuning and calibrating the scaling on all 8 oscillators. I still need to do the fine tuning of each oscillator to make it perfect though.

    When I was finished, I decided to plug the reverb tank back up and do a little exploring of what it can do. It outputs a signal way hotter than I expected and I had some issues with clipping.

    I'll make a proper video with it soon!

  • Amazing thread!

  • With any luck mine is sitting on my doorstep waiting for me today

  • @saddleuptherobots here's hoping! I hope you enjoy it!

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