Patchable 0014


Friends, it looks like we are inside at home protecting ourselves, family and the public for the duration. Since it is on everyone’s minds, Patchable 0014 was shaping up to be rather similar to a contest that Waveform Magazine just launched. Therefore, we are combining the NYMS Patchable with this contest. It is up to you if you want to submit to the contest or only the Patchable. Good luck, stay safe.

NOTE: New York Modular Society is in no way affiliated with Waveform Magazine and has no direct involvement in this contest. this is not a partnership between our organizations. NYMS is simply encouraging artists to participate in the Waveform contest.


While we are saddened by what’s happening everywhere, and disappointed (but obviously understanding) by the cancellations of conventions, live performances, jobs, etc., taking place, health is always the number one priority—mental health included. As may of us are cooped up due to Covid 19, and feeling anxious, sad, restless, isolated, or just plain bored, we’ve decided to hold a contest for songs about/inspired/uninspired by what’s going on. We’re hoping this will help to foster in a little creative positivity to the situation as well as keep us from going stir crazy. Have we mentioned that there will be prizes?!?!? Stay safe, healthy, and creative everyone!

1st place – One year print/digital subscription to Waveform + Waveform goodie bag + Waveform Switchenator DIY kit

2nd place – One year print/digital subscription + Waveform Switchenator DIY kit

3rd place – One year print/digital subscription


  1. Song must be new and written for this contest, so no back catalog stuff please
  2. Only 1 entry per person
  3. Artwork for a theoretical LP cover must accompany track. What can we say? We like art. 500 x 500 pixel JPG
  4. Songs/artwork must be submitted as a WAV file via email to with the title “Coronavirus song Contest” in the subject line, by April 25th 2020


We will alert winners via email and announce them on social media outlets. We’ll also yell it out in the streets. By submitting a song/artwork for this contest, you give us the right to publish it on our Bandcamp page, wherein we might make a special Waveform COVID 19 Coronavirus compilation for download. If we do this, it will most likely be free, but if we decide to charge for it, ALL proceeds (minus Bandcamp fees) will go to an appropriate charity of our choice. Only select entries might make it on this compilation, but that is subject to change. In the case that you have already purchased a Waveform subscription and win one of the prizes, your subscription will be extended include a  extra year/4 issues.





  1. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-0014 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0014
  2. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, Wednesday April 25th.
  3. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.
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crewcalledself Nerd Seq is master clock and drum triggers via Tip Top BD808 & SD808 and 2hp Hats Arpitecht is sending CV to DFAM for bass line Triad is sending CV to Chainsaw into Mimephon for ambient chord bed Chords triggered by the NEW port of Triad into Pons Asinorum into Intellijel Quad VCA Mimeophon sometimes also gets a 1/4 note stab from Dixie saw via Pons Asinorum tight EG and exponential VCA Klee is sending CV to Dixie 2+ into Forbidden Planet into Pico DSP in stereo delay mode for the melody Melody is triggered by Klee bus 1&2… Read more »

pineyb A long distance collaboration. Piano recorded with a phone in a room in NYC. Guitar and modular in Louisville, Ky. Piano is just a straight up recording on an Android device… mono, which is fitting as my partner in A Tyranny of Bees is profoundly deaf in one ear. She sent me the track which I processed with Echophon. I added a guitar track processed through my Shared System… mostly Erbe Verb on the arpeggiated chords. Drums are 808 samples played with a Disting MK4 sequenced with a Frap Tools USTA. Ebow guitar driving a Disting as a pitch… Read more »


Long time listener, first time caller!

Euclidian rhythms from Pam’s semi-randomized via a CV input from a Maths envelope
Drive Akemie’s Taiko, with xtra Pam’s modulation
…and a tracked and held (K2) Maths LFO arpeggio through Disting quantizer into a Crave, with FM from its own LFO.
In the final third, tempo cranked down and Mimeophon cranked up, with clocking and flip from Pam.

Sequences from Crave and Volca Sample and FM and lead melody is K2

orthoganol devices 101/102 sequencing the cwejman BLD, VC)-2rm and VCO 6 with MMF-1s filter. FSH-1 and SPH-1. Drums are MMF-6 fullqpeak for the kick, white noise for HHat and cross modulated vco-2rm for snare. all are summed through the orthoganol devices 301.
Post – touch of compression – touch or dual delay
enjoy! An attempt to capture the surreal emotional experience of sheltering in place in the relative safety of an NYC apartment during the pandemic, while the city suffers and struggles below. Stretches of serenity and security churn against a creeping, woozy unease. Dis/Ease. These are parts I-III of what I’m hoping to make into a longer piece. Patch notes: Parts I and III are primarily Lyra-8, run through a Moogerfooger Ring Modulator and mwfx Judder, then into the modular, where the audio signal is multed, one copy running through Mimeophon and another through Natural Gate. I play the LFO Rate… Read more »

þœ μʄʒ Spent a lot of time playing in post on this one! :Deep Breath: Long winey 70’s synth leads are Midi through Dexed VST in reaper, with Wow and flutter, compression, EQ and TubeAmp plugins Clock source was a Pamela’s Workout at 75 BPM The Regular bassy rythem Blurbs with strikes are produced from a Make Noise Qpas. Howe we got there: Clocked Triggers running into A 2HP TM, and an ADSR. The out of the ADSR using a stacked cable Runs to a VCA and to the FM input of a Bublesound VCOb. The 1V/oct of the VCOb is… Read more »


whats up with the date — call me dumb but i swear it was the 15th

þœ μʄʒ

It was! Waveform pushed their contest cutoff 10 days. This pushed to coincide.

mrwilliam Headphones or good speakers are recommended. Performance video is here: Patch with the Pittsburgh Modular Voltage Research Laboratory and its corresponding Touch Controller, The SV-1 and KB-1 Keyboard, and the Microvolt 3900. Also featuring Make Noise Mimeophon and CV Bus Case, Mutable Instruments Clouds (clone) Befaco STMix, and a 2hp Avert. Weird patch. I pretty much had all of the oscillators on both the VRL and SV1 pretty much FMing each other all over the place and being played with the VRL Touch Controller. I had the filter on the SV-1 patched to self oscillate and was playing… Read more »

FM_in_the_AM In this patch I have a sequence going on the Matriarch. Oscillator 1 and 2 are both sawtooth waves. The second oscillator is slightly detuned and is sync’d with oscillator 1. Oscillator 3 and 4 are both triangle waves up one octave. A gate from PNW at /16 the clock speed is modulating the pitch of the first oscillator. There is some ping pong delay on the sequence. Throughout the patch, I mess with the settings of the envelope on the filter cutoff. The kick drum is from the BIA which just has an envelope going through an attenuator… Read more » This performance was created for New York Modular Society’s Off The Grid show on 11/19/2020 and for Patchable 0014, Covid. I created a live modular scoring exercise to two films I had altered and cut together. The overall theme is escaping Earth and Covid, but finding aliens the weren’t exactly welcoming. Enjoy! Patch notes: Stream 1: Instruo CS-L sequenced by Stillson Hammer, two final outputs to Optomix, double gated by bursts from Quadrax and LFOs into Strike from Maths. Audio to X-pan being controlled by Quadrax LFO both attenuated and attenuverted to create alternating pan channels. Stream 2: Sine wave output of Instruo… Read more »

forestine In March or so I made something called “Everything is Strange and I Don’t Know What To Do With Myself” which my partner described as impossible to listen to. Hopefully this isn’t as anxiety-inducing. Grandmother sequencer clocked by Pam’s at /6 Osc 1 32’ Saw Osc 2 16’ Pulse and tuned to a nice sounding note LFO adding PWM Envelope modifying filter Mimetic Digitalis clocked by Pam’s with some Rskip % Mimetic sequencing Primary Oscillator Harmonic Sine Envelope from VC EG clocked by multed clock from above Werkstatt sequenced by SQ-1 with slide, clocked by Pam’s at /2 Noise… Read more »