Patchable 0027

VOICE Our modular and our voices. A rare combination, indeed. Think of a band. One of the beauties of modular is that it allows us the ability to effectively perform the music of multiple members of a band without looking like this: None the less, the modern modular musician rarely embraces their inner vocalist and … Read more

Patchable 0026

STEREO Have you spent any time on Modular Grid looking at new modules recently? I know you have. Don’t lie. It’s unflattering. I’m sure we’ve all noticed there’s no shortage of stereo modules now available. In fact, stereo has been a common module feature for at least the past year.. It may actually be more … Read more

Patchable 0025

REPETITION The pleasures of sequencing. Sequencers are an absolutely essential tool for the aspiring and established modular musicians alike. One of the main draws to modular is the variety of seriously cool and unique sequencers. There’s no shortage of our lovable HP hogs out there, each offering their owner an ability to craft a rhythm, … Read more

Patchable 0024

POLYTIME Polyrhythms and polymeters. No, don’t close the page! I promise this is more fun than it sounds!  Two often confused and conflated concepts in music. They aren’t so hard to understand though – really. They are also incredibly valuable to learn. If you get these down the complexity of your percussion will be leveled … Read more

Patchable 0023

PATCH: TCG We’ve all been there. In front of your rack, ready to go, but don’t know how to begin. Or, you’ve built a phrase, loop, sound, whatever, that you really like – yet you don’t know where to take it next. Or, you’ve bought a new module, but don’t know where to begin with … Read more

Patchable 0022

MIXING IN MODULAR While many musicians like to refer to January as ‘Jamuary’ – NYMS might have to rename the month Mixuary. We recently announced a special show with Steady State Fate to celebrate the release of their new character mixer, Vortices, with performances by NYMS favorites and renowned electronic musician Boys Noize. That’s on … Read more

Patchable 0021

Formant Formants have this strangely pleasing effect that is somewhat intangible.  We know it is not a voice, but the hint of vocal sounds pique our interest. There are many ways to go about this, you might decide to use a wavetable oscillator loaded up with some vowel waveforms. Or maybe you want to run your … Read more

Patchable 0020

REPATCH It has been over a year since our first Patcahable 0001 – 3 Module Challenge. There have been so many fantastic submissions showing a huge range of expression and creativity from our community. Maybe you saw a Patchable that interested you, but did not have the time to join in.  Maybe you saw one … Read more

Patchable 0019

Sinister Sounds Draw forth your malevolence from the black depths of your psyche.  Call upon spirits and demons to fill you with dark energy.  The time to feast upon treats and deal mischievous tricks is upon us. This month you shall weave a wicked spell of sinister sound to defile the ears of unsuspecting listeners. … Read more

Patchable 0018

Nature September brings the transition from Summer to Fall reminding us of the world outdoors.  We’ve spent the bulk of our time indoors for over six months and let’s face it, we all need the soul soothing nature offers. This months Patchable encourages you to draw inspiration from nature. Patch the sound of a chirping … Read more

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