Patchable 0027

VOICE Our modular and our voices. A rare combination, indeed. Think of a band. One of the beauties of modular is that it allows us the ability to effectively perform the music of multiple members of a band without looking like this: None the less, the modern modular musician rarely embraces their inner vocalist and … Read more

Patchable 0026

STEREO Have you spent any time on Modular Grid looking at new modules recently? I know you have. Don’t lie. It’s unflattering. I’m sure we’ve all noticed there’s no shortage of stereo modules now available. In fact, stereo has been a common module feature for at least the past year.. It may actually be more … Read more

Patchable 0025

REPETITION The pleasures of sequencing. Sequencers are an absolutely essential tool for the aspiring and established modular musicians alike. One of the main draws to modular is the variety of seriously cool and unique sequencers. There’s no shortage of our lovable HP hogs out there, each offering their owner an ability to craft a rhythm, … Read more

Patchable 0017

RE:DRUM MACHINE Drum machines are technological paragons of rhythmic production and exploration.  While it is easy to credit the beautiful design behind the beat boxes we adore, the real genius lies in the application by artists.  Abstracting the idea of the drum machine further and placing focus on the artist is what this Patchable is … Read more

Patchable Performers

Encouraging new performance behaviors via utilization of arbitrary constraints PATCHABLE PERFORMERS is a curated electronic music live streaming show run by New York Modular Society.   For almost a year now the New York Modular Society has been pushing it’s member-base to think outside the box via a patching challenge we call Patchable. On a regular … Read more

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