Patchable 0017


Drum machines are technological paragons of rhythmic production and exploration.  While it is easy to credit the beautiful design behind the beat boxes we adore, the real genius lies in the application by artists.  Abstracting the idea of the drum machine further and placing focus on the artist is what this Patchable is all about.


For this Patchable we challenge you to create your own drum machine using modular components.  Create each drum voice using any modules that are not drum modules. Using this drum machine make a song that is percussion based. You are free to use any modules except the following:

  • No drum modules
  • No samplers
  • No voice modules which require a trig input to emit sound – VCOs with a trig in are permitted, so long as the trig is not used

Other things to note:

  • no sampled drum loops or sounds
  • Using a delay, looper or sampler to effect your drum voices in real time, is allowed.
  • Using a single cycle waveform to create a VCO from a sample is allowed.



  1. Create an original piece of music. It does not have to be a complete track. Ideas are welcome.
  2. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-0017 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0017
  3. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, August 31st.
  4. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.

Patchable Performers

This month’s Patchable Performers, on Aug 27th, is based on this Patchable. The live show will incorporate a twist on the concept. If you wish to perform this Patchable, live, on the show, please message @saddleuptherobots, or @VCLoki on discord for information. 

PLEASE NOTE: If you’re interested in performing the patchable live, do NOT post a recording to the site, until after the show. We want the performances to be a surprise.

Patchable 0017 – RE:DRUM MACHINE by DYSONANT, video by Photonbath
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The Analog Kid Late Night MURD:ER Patch Notes: – Kick Drum: Mix of 3 Waveforms from Klavis Twin Waves, a bitcrushed sine wave, sub-octave square wave and BP’d noise. Pitch envelope from XAOC Zadar, Volume envelope from WMD Javelin. Filtered by XAOC Belgrad in LP+BP mode. Modulation by DivKid Ochd and SSF/DivKid RND STEP in various points. – Hi-Hat: FX Aid in radio mode, noise parameter modulated by Ochd; volume envelope from Maths with Decay time modulated by RND STEP – “Horn” sound: Klavis Twin Waves in Ring Mod mode. Filtered by Pittsburgh Modular DIF in Filter mode. AD-like envelope from XAOC… Read more »

dngrhndz All sounds from Make Noise Shared System Patch Notes: Kick Drum DPO: DPO VCO B square wave to Optomix channel one. Tempi channel one to Rene X clock. Rene X gate pattern out to Maths channel four. Maths channel 4 envelope striking Optomix channel one. Weird Laser Hi Hats (tried to make hats but ended more like laser toms) Wogglebug: Wogglebug ring-mod out to Maths channel three for some attenuation. Maths channel three out to ModDemix channel one. ModDemix channel one out to Optomix channel two. Tempi channel 2 to Maths channel one Maths channel 1 envelope striking Optomix… Read more »


All sounds made with the 0-Coast. Video Patch Notes here:

Submission here:

Subjectivize Voice 1 (bass drum): Low pitch sin VCO amplified by a fast envelope modulating Lin FM on STO, through North Coast Coiler VCF with a slower envelope and an even slower envelope on the last VCA. Through Pico DSP mono delay and (sometimes aux Mimeophon too). Triggered by Out 1 from a White Gallop, with CV from Voltage Block. Voice 2 (hi hat): Blue noise from Dystopia. Filter and VCA receiving same envelope. Triggered by Out 2 on White Gallop. Pico DSP mono delay. Voice 3 (snare): Bitcrush from Dystopia. Triggered by Muxlicer in ratchet mode (sequencer slide pots… Read more »

forestine My first patchable! Voice 1: Pittsburgh Primary Oscillator Blade Wave modulated by Fragments Wave goes into Doepfer SEM filter, with cv modulation from Release of Erica Envelope Expander, then enveloped by Pamela’s New Workout along with brown noise from Zlob Entropy 2. Voice 2: Droney bass pluck is Fragments again with an offset envelope from Pam’s. Voice 3: Second percussive hit is white noise from Entropy 2 enveloped by Pam’s with some Euclidean/delay settings. First three voices are running through a distortion and delay pedal (sample and hold delay, but not a sample). Voice 4: Wiggly part is from… Read more »

Ethan James Startzman I wanted to make something in a non-standard time signature, so this is in 7, and I used a looper pedal to create a feeling of shifting around, like a drummer would do playing in 7 while drunk. Patch notes: Stream 1: Kick drum made from an Instruo CS-L using the triangle wave output. Maths is creating the envelope for both pitch and time, but pitch is attenuated by a Tangle Quartet. Output to Tangle Quartet. Stream 2: Wood block/hi hat is blue noise from a Frap Tools Sapèl to a QPAS filter using the high pass output to an Optomix.… Read more »