Patchable Performers

Encouraging new performance behaviors via utilization of arbitrary constraints

PATCHABLE PERFORMERS is a curated electronic music live streaming show run by New York Modular Society.  

For almost a year now the New York Modular Society has been pushing it’s member-base to think outside the box via a patching challenge we call Patchable. On a regular basis our members are challenged to compose a piece of music using some sort of constraint, or common perspective.

These often fall into 5 common themes: 

  • Theory
  • Patching Technique
  • Environmental
  • Sound Design
  • Setup 

We want to use these themes to challenge NYMS members to think differently about performance art, as well as music composition in it’s own right. Patchable Performers exists to offer NYMS members a new way to think about performing live, and showcase their new techniques to an impassioned audience.


Challenge yourself.


A monthly show which runs on the 4th Wednesday of every month. Each month will feature a variety of performers all taking on the same patchable challenge for that month. The Patchable for the performance show will possibly be different than the Patchable in the #patchables channel on the NYMS discord server. Set length, Show length, and Artist count will depend on community interest in each monthly challenge. Artists will likely be required to use a modular, or semi-modular synthesizer for each challenge (again, unless the scenario dictates otherwise). 


  • Saddleuptherobots
  • VCLoki
  • Mr William


Artists interested in playing live should first join us on the NYMS discord server.

Artists must also read and understand the following:

The information contained within How To Stream MUSIC TO Twitch From your Computer is extremely important, as Artists will not be allowed to stream if they are not following the instructions contained within. Should an Artist need assistance in setting their streaming settings as dictated above, please reach out in the #streaming channel on the NYMS discord server.

Feel free to reach out to a curator with any questions.  

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