Patchable Performers

Encouraging new performance behaviors via utilization of arbitrary constraints PATCHABLE PERFORMERS is a curated electronic music live streaming show run by New York Modular Society.   For almost a year now the New York Modular Society has been pushing it’s member-base to think outside the box via a patching challenge we call Patchable. On a regular … Read more

Off the Grid

Past Performances OFF THE GRID was a curated experimental music live streaming show run by New York Modular Society during the pandemic lockdown. Experimental music as a genre is difficult to define due to its highly subjective nature. Rather than imposing limits or strictly defining a genre, we simply desire to encourage experimentation. We welcome … Read more

Artist Streaming Kit

We are excited you want to stream with us.  Our goal is to provide everyone with an easy to use process to get you up and running. Here are a few things you need to know to ensure a smooth and fun show. Requirements First please read and make sure you can meet the requirements and … Read more

How to stream music to twitch from your computer

We want you to stream and for viewers to see the amazing art you are creating. Join us on Discord and introduce yourself. This is a community and like any community we would expect to know a new neighbor before we hand out keys to our home. The same goes for streaming keys. Tech Requirements … Read more

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