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OFF THE GRID was a curated experimental music live streaming show run by New York Modular Society during the pandemic lockdown.

Experimental music as a genre is difficult to define due to its highly subjective nature. Rather than imposing limits or strictly defining a genre, we simply desire to encourage experimentation. We welcome everybody, including those who do not define themselves as experimental artists but would like to explore the more experimental side of their creativity. 

This is a crazy counterpart to the main NYMS show. Open to well known and less established or experienced artists, people who love to push the limits of their instruments and boundaries of musical expression.  This is a show where abstract sonic exploration can be appreciated by a welcoming audience.


Friendship, respect and equality. Freedom of musical expression. Spirit of free will and experimentation. 


A monthly show that runs for 90-120 minutes. We will have 3-4 artists perform at each show. There is no minimum or maximum length set, but we encourage 30 minute slots. Artists are free to use any musical tools at their disposal, though part of the setup must include a form of modular synthesizer.  


Artists interested in playing live should first join us on discord Feel free to reach out to a curator with any questions.  

You must also read and understand these articles This information is essential to be able to stream.

If you have any questions at all about these articles or need assistance, please reach out to us on discord.


  • Black Dingus
  • Makamqore
  • Dysonant

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