We are excited you want to stream with us.  Our goal is to provide everyone with an easy to use process to get you up and running. Here are a few things you need to know to ensure a smooth and fun show.


First please read and make sure you can meet the requirements and configuration for streaming here

Scheduling & Sign Up

Red = NYMS Monthly Showcase. This is curated by NYMS founders. Sign up is not open, but we encourage you to contact a Discord admin and ask to play. 

Blue = Satellite Shows.  These are curated by various NYMS members. Sign up is not open, but we encourage you contact the show producers to ask to play.

Yellow = Open sign up, streaming directly to twitch.  You’ll need to ask for a key from an admin.  You should be a trusted member of the community. Like any community we would expect to know a new neighbor before we hand out keys to our home. The same goes for streaming keys.


Streaming key and ingest URL will be issued when your show is confirmed and listed on the site.


We will create graphic assets for the stream. We will deliver social graphics to you to promote on your social channels before the show. Feel free to create your own promotions as well.


We will ask you to test your stream with us 1-5 days before the event.  We ask that you setup for the test be exactly the same as it will for your performance.  Same camera, same audio inputs, same network etc.

Performance Process

On the night of the performance you need to have access to Discord.  You will be invited to the channel #green-room.  This is where we will communicate with you about when to start streaming and start performing.  The process is this:

  • You will be asked to start streaming roughly 10-15 minutes before your set begins and wait on standby.
  • We will confirm we are receiving your stream. 
    • If you are experiencing streaming issues that cannot be resolved quickly, we may have to move to the next artist. 
  • While the previous artist wraps up, remain on standby.
  • We will display your UP NEXT CARD and let you know in Discord you will be going live shortly.
  • We will then send a message that you are live and should begin your set



We want you to test your stream on your personal twitch channel before your event.  You should ensure there are no audio drops.  Test for at least 10 minutes to be sure.  Ask anyone on Discord to help if you need someone to watch the streaming test.

Performance Process

This process is pretty loose and open.  Start your stream on time.  If someone else is booked after you, be respectful of their start time and make sure you end on time.

You are responsible for your own opening screens.  If you would like a lower third NYMS name badge, please ask @dysonant.

We will need the email you used to sign up with twitch to issue you a streaming key.  The key should remain valid indefinitely.  However, sometimes we need to issue new keys.  So yours may stop working.  Contact us with any issues.

You need to visit the website to list your event.  Visit and register an account.  Then visit to list you event.  Look for the “List Your Stream” button and follow the  form instructions.

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