Patchable 0019

Sinister Sounds

Draw forth your malevolence from the black depths of your psyche.  Call upon spirits and demons to fill you with dark energy.  The time to feast upon treats and deal mischievous tricks is upon us. This month you shall weave a wicked spell of sinister sound to defile the ears of unsuspecting listeners.


Create a patch most foul and heinous. A miasma of modular music that would turn the stomach of underworld beasts. Draw inspiration from horror movies, scary stories and the fear of the void that dwells in us all.

You are free to write an entire song or simply create a single sound. Your submission can be structured or unstructured.  You must use a modular synth in your submission but are free to use other equipment.



  1. Create an original piece of music. It does not have to be a complete track. Ideas are welcome.
  2. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-0019 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0019
  3. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, September 30th.
  4. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.


Thursday, October 22nd is the next Patchable Performers live show.  If you would like to play that show please do not post your patchable until after the event.  Instead contact @saddleuptherobots or @vcloki on Discord to apply for a time slot.

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Salem Soundwaves (hope it’s spooky enough for yall, sorry I can’t do the performance bc of work!) (SOUND 1) Snazzy FX Dreamboat (Gate Out) -> Doepfer A160-2 Clock Divider, set to 2-128 Pluck recorded into Instruo Arbhar, pitch tuned to lowest max with offset to random pitch around 11 o’clock A160-2 (Outs 16, 62, and 128) -> Custom passive OR gate inputs -> Instruo Arbhar Trig Input, Intensity at zero so only manual triggers create sound (SOUND 2) Doepfer A160-2 (Out 4/3/3) -> Recovery Effects 2HP ADSR -> Quattro Figaro (CV IN 3) att. 3/4 Doepfer A-143-3 (Ch4, Triangle) -> Interstellar… Read more »

Wesley Mauk

Something simple for my first patchable!
Church Bells:

  • Plaits modal triggered by Varigate 4+ through clouds will LFOs on POS, DENS, SIZE, & TEXT. Clouds started dry, then went to wet, then back to dry.


  • Neutron OSCs coming out of the overdrive.
  • Bastl Tea Kick with cv from an LFO through a Pico DSP.
  • Zzzorb Filter self-oscillating & filtered out the mid and highs. 
Chuck W. Hi there, I played utilizing, at first and very poorly, a theremin (freaking loaded to the nines with delay). It coupled with a groove on the Moog Mother 32 to provide a semblance of structure. Once I put that away, we got down to it! The Moog DFAM on overload. A Korg MS20MINI squealing on the hi end of the filters, thanks to the step sequence power of the Korg SQ1. I have a lovely little custom Noise box that I use as an amplifier for ribbon synths, so we had a Korg Monotron Delay really going crazy. Live… Read more »

forestine Phew! Samples: Radio Jingles record, ad for Irv Gardner Buick played through Samplr ipad app. Crying/gasping: Me making breathing sounds into Grand Canyon Looper Low white noise from Grandmother (just at the beginning) Flappy thing 2 slightly offset audio rate sine waves from Pam’s into CV 1 and 2 of SEM filter. Audio in is pink noise from Entropy. BP out to Tangle Quartet with an envelope from Pam’s. Harmonic Moog Sample In lieu of multitracking live (running out of oscillators), I recorded Oscillator 1 of the Grandmother as a sample. Triangle wave with a sine lfo and a… Read more »

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Melancolía – Here are links to my modular grid. Top Case and bottom case. 4 main voices: STO>Polivoks doing bass notes, Twin Waves>3 Sisters high pitched, AI Synthesis VCO>Wasp>Joystick, and uBraids in WTx4 mode doing some chords. Starts off with just AI Synthesis VCO and a recording. 2HP Play sample running through AI Synthesis tape interface>digitank decay (very wet). Then patched the error instruments lullaby through tape interface, decay, feedback loop. 1010 Music Toolbox is running the sequence for each voice. Brought them in slowly using Befaco Hexmix. Hexpander had each channel aux send going to FX Aid, Overseer, and… Read more »

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Subjectivize My patch started out with this ribbon controller I just finished making and transformed from spooky sinister shrieks into what I decided to call a “Silk Road doom pop” opera. Anyway I guess my mind was in Mahavishnu Orchestra thru Mars Volta prog territory by way of glitch hop, and draws heavily too from Prokofiev’s score for the 1938 film Alexander Nevsky. I wanted to bring the energy for my streaming debut, and also to play with irregular meters on my Pam’s New Workout and Muxlicer. But too bad my new DIY footswitch interface that makes triggers was on… Read more »


Here is mine:
It’s a voodoo track meant to help removing pumpkin head from office.
All done with my new Akai Force (got it 10 days ago and this track is the first I finished with it) and my modular.
The xylophone is a BIA, the melodic synth is Loquelic Iteritas through the Desmodus Versio Reverb and pumkin head vocals were played and mangled in the Morphagene controlled by the 0-CTRL. I also used Prepared piano samples obviously, and Drums (in the Force). I created different sounds of Banshees shrieking and guttural moans. I have only one stream of sound here, because the timbre is so complex that there’s not room sonically for anything else. Enjoy! Patch Notes: Stream 1: Instruo CS-L oscillator 2 pulse width modulation wave to 1V/octave of oscillator 1. Oscillator 2 is receiving pitch from 0-ctrl. Frap Tools Sapèl fluctuating voltage to timbre of oscillator 1. Final wave output of Oscillator 1 to 1V/oct input of Random Source Serge NTO. Sapèl fluctuating voltage to timbre. Variable output of NTO to Optomix, double gated by two Maths LFOs. Output of Optomix to Erbeverb. Size, depth, tilt, and decay… Read more »