Patchable 0017

RE:DRUM MACHINE Drum machines are technological paragons of rhythmic production and exploration.  While it is easy to credit the beautiful design behind the beat boxes we adore, the real genius lies in the application by artists.  Abstracting the idea of the drum machine further and placing focus on the artist is what this Patchable is … Read more

Patchable 0016

When I was just a little kid, I was in complete awe when Luke, C3PO and R2D2 walked into Chalmun’s Spaceport Cantina (Mos Eisley Cantina). Not yet having experienced a club atmosphere everything happening was unfamiliar and new. I was drawn to this smoky, alien filled remote watering hole where shady deals, boisterous gurgling laughter … Read more

Patchable 0015

It has been 56 days since I’ve worn what would qualify as pants. Netflix needs to stop shaming me with, “Are you still watching?” Or at least start asking, “Do you really need more chips?” My quar buzz cut is starting to grow out and I get tired from taking a shower. Confinement has us … Read more

Patchable 0014

EXTENSION: NEW DATE APRIL 25TH Friends, it looks like we are inside at home protecting ourselves, family and the public for the duration. Since it is on everyone’s minds, Patchable 0014 was shaping up to be rather similar to a contest that Waveform Magazine just launched. Therefore, we are combining the NYMS Patchable with this … Read more

Patchable 0013

Throughout the course of our daily lives there is a continuous influx of aural stimulation. We naturally filter out many of these distractions in order to remain focused on the task in front of us. This patchable asks you to turn off those filters and listen to the droning sounds around you. Pay attention to … Read more

Patchable 0012

Widely regarded as extremely undesirable, noise is typically a phenomenon to be avoided.  Noise, frequently hurled at musicians as an insult or shouted at kids following “turn down”, gets a lot of negative usage.  This Patchable explores the positive aspect and benefits that noise can bring to a modular system. The sometimes disregarded noise source, … Read more

Patchable 0011

Most modular sequencers have a finite number of steps.  While this can seem limiting and sometimes frustrating, it can force you to be more creative.  One method of getting more dynamic rhythms from a sequencer is to restrict the step length of a sequence and play it against another that is longer.  Numbers that divide … Read more

Patchable 0010

Feeling inspired can often be challenging. It is not uncommon to be up against a wall and unable to see a way around. Creativity like a river, can flow when rain is plentiful, or dry up into cracked mud and dust in a drought.  For this Patchable we are challenged to draw inspiration from other … Read more

Patchable 0009

Many of you have likely heard the phrase, “You can never have too many VCAs.” The ubiquitous and humble VCA is one of the simplest, yet most versatile modules.  Some folks are left scratching their heads wondering why. Typically one puts a VCA at the end of their patch to control sound duration and volume … Read more

Patchable 0008

Band names are something we’ve all tried to come up with at one point or another. Sometimes, there is little connection between the music and band name, for example Arctic Monkeys. They could easily be be a swing band or disco. Then we have bands like Metallica, which is indisputably metal. Regardless, band names inspire … Read more

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