Patchable 0007

It is common knowledge that a great number of modular users suffer from Gear Acquisition Syndrome.  Sometimes it is about finding the modules that work for you but often it is driven by a need for the newest, coolest most baddass feature set available.  With the holidays fast approaching, it is a fine time to … Read more

Patchable 0006

For this Patchable you are challenged to create an extended feedback patch.  In its simplest form one could accomplish feedback by plugging a module output back into one of its inputs.  This creates a circular system in which there is no beginning or end. You can choose to do audio feedback or CV but you … Read more

Patchable 0005

Continuing our slow, off kilter shuffle toward the darkness of All Hallow’s Eve, for this patchable, you are compelled to draw upon the ominous energy and unresolved temperament of the tritone.  Pulling inspiration from classic horror films of the 70’s and 80s, create a track that uses the tritone in its gut wrenching deepness. You … Read more

Patchable 0004

New York Modular Society is ready to release the hounds of hell during the October Patchable challenges. This month we cast spells and chant dark incantations to call forth shadows and demons.   For this patchable you must create one sound that represents the zombies. Then build a track around the zombie sound that invokes … Read more

Patchable 0003

Autumnal Equinox The third installment of Patchable coincidentally aligns with the beginning of Fall, the third season of the year. To celebrate fall, your challenge is to compose a track that primarily use threes.  This means 3, 6, 9 or 12 step sequences.  Triads, tritones and triplets are encouraged. Three chord progressions are welcomed.  Three … Read more

Patchable 0002

Underwater Evolution What would music sound like if humans evolved underwater? Answer this question by making a track using any tools at your disposal. The one rule is that modular synths must be included. Feel free to share your process in the comments. We would love to hear how each of you interprets this idea. … Read more

Patchable 0001

3 Module Challenge New York Modular Society is excited to start off Patchable with a standard. The 3 module challenge! The rules are simple, you can use any three modules you want, no restrictions. Output modules do not count. If you want to use a sequencer, a full voice module and something else that is … Read more

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