Patchable 0004

New York Modular Society is ready to release the hounds of hell during the October Patchable challenges. This month we cast spells and chant dark incantations to call forth shadows and demons.  

For this patchable you must create one sound that represents the zombies. Then build a track around the zombie sound that invokes the sensation of dread and doom from a zombie apocalypse.

You are not restricted from using other gear, but modular synths must be used.  Employ the dark art of sonic manipulation to strike fear into the minds of listeners.



  1. Create an original piece of music following the above challenge.
  2. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-0004 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0004.
  3. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, Monday October 14th.
  4. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.


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Jon Hatch

Patch notes:
0-Coast > Analog delay pedal > Reverb pedal [heartbeat]
Plaits speech synth (modulated by MATHS) > Echophon (pitch modulated by MATHS) [the zombies]
Dixie sub wave > Fuzz Factory (modulated by MATHS) [bassline]
Sequenced by Eloquencer

Jon Hatch

Thanks! It’s flirting dangerously with zombie whale territory, but I went with it 😂

This is mainly done using woggle bug, STO and mod-demix. More patch notes to follow.

mrwilliam I’m not really into the horror and zombie genre of film and television so I did my best to strike fear into the listener with audible visions of armies of undead demons marching down your streets and the panic you have in your head as you witness the horror in front of you. Patch notes: Dfam going through Mimeophon, CV from X and Y channels of Rene2 were modulation noise level and and FM amount on DFAM respectively. C Channel CV out was modulating mix amount on Mimeophon. Repeats on the Mimeophon was being modulated by the clocked digital… Read more »

vcloki The idea behind this track is a little different than what was requested. I had the thought of making a track that illustrated someone just minding their business, in a house somewhere, being attacked, and turned into a zombie. The track changes tone a few times, as the “attack” happens, and the “turn” happens, getting more and more intense. I hope I made it obvious enough. The “Zombie” noise is meant to change from a singular zombie sound, to a “horde”, which is why it changes so much. Patch notes: The “Zombie” noise: Spectrum Pulse with the pulse width… Read more »