Patchable 0003

Autumnal Equinox

The third installment of Patchable coincidentally aligns with the beginning of Fall, the third season of the year. To celebrate fall, your challenge is to compose a track that primarily use threes.  This means 3, 6, 9 or 12 step sequences.  Triads, tritones and triplets are encouraged. Three chord progressions are welcomed.  Three oscillator synths are adored. 

 In NYMS usual fashion, you are not restricted from other tactics, strategies or equipment.  However, modular synths must be used.  The use of threes should be obvious to the listener.



  1. Create an original piece of music following the above challenge.
  2. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-003 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0003.
  3. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, Monday September 30th.
  4. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.

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11 thoughts on “Patchable 0003”

  1. My entry for the NYMS Patchable 0003

    Patch notes:

    This piece was multitracked so I could use the Mimeophon for multiple instruments. I broke down the patch on the first instrument recorded and forgot to take notes, so there may be some stuff I’m missing)

    6/8 time

    Bassy part is a Pittsburgh SV-1 playing (for the main part) the first three notes of the major scale. Master clock from my DAW is going into a clock divider/multipier divied into thirds trigger the envelope generator.

    SV-1 is going into the Mimeohon. Mult from the /3 on the clock divider is triggering channel one in Maths that’s modulating the zone on the mimeophon.

    I was playing the Boog with a Keystep.

    The three oscillator Boog was tuned to a major chord (I’ll count the major third here as another 3) playing, for the main part like the SV1, the first three notes of the major scale.
    Boog was also going through the Mimeophon. I had a stackable cable come from the /3 of the clock divder. One was going to the Flip on the Mimeophon. the other was going to channel to of Maths to invert it and go to the Hold of the Mimeophon so the Flip and Hold were constantly opposite of each other.

    Also the piece clocks in at 3 minutes and 33 seconds 😀


    I started with Bastl Little Nerd creating the clock patched into Doepfer 160-2 Clock Divider set to Prime numbers. Out of the division 3 back into Little Nerd input 1. Out of division 6 into a passive mult. passive mult to DFAM trigger for bass drum.

    Little nerd output A set to triplets and sent to 2hp Hats CH. Then i think Little Nerd output B was set to Euclidean and sent to Hats OH. Output C was split and sent to trigger Maths and into the step of WMD Arpitecht.

    Arpitecht was set to 3 notes minor scale. Out of 1v/oct into a buffered mult. From that mult went to Dixie 2 1v/oct as well as Pluck and DFAM VCO2 input which was set to FM VCO1.

    Erica sequential switch output was set to 3 steps and sent to Arpitecht transpose. Each step was set to transpose up 3 whole steps.

    From the Dixie out to Forbidden planet low pass with high resonance being modulated by DFAM’s pitch knobs in as best a pattern of 3 as I could get. From Forbidden planet into 2hp VCA which was then triggered by Maths.

    Pluck ran through Erica Pico DSP for reverb.


    For this patch I decided on the following threes:

    – 3 modules (telharmonic, lxd and mimeophon)
    – triads from the telharmonic (major, minor and diminished)
    – three voices from the telharmonic (noise, H-out and P-out, where P-out uses 3 sine waves)
    – I manuually modified 3 settings on the telharmonic (degree, centroid and flux)
    – I had three control voltages in to the lxd (two strikes and one CV)
    – There were transitions in the piece.
    – It utilized three octaves.


    I patched the clock out from the mimeophon to the d-gate on the telharmonic and one of the strikes on the lxd. I patched the gate out on the telharmonic to the other strike on the lxd.

    I patched the H-out to the strike that only was hit when the degree changed. I patched the P-out to drone. Both of those were then patches through the mimeophon. I seemed to get some ceiling noise here.

    The N-out was was patched to the other part of the lxd and the clock of the mimeophon would strike it. The CV of this lxd out was patched back on itself to draw out the strike.

    The degree, flux and centroid were manually played on the telharmonic. The rate on the mimeophon was adjusted near the end to change the rate. The mimeophon was then set to feedback on itself at the end followed by a hold which was then repeated in zone 1 so it repeated at near audible rates.


    Sequence is derived from 3 ramp waves from Pam’s workout. /27, /12 and /3. The three voltages are mixed through tangle quartet, along with a periodic gate derived from running one of the ramps through Drezno and grabbing one of the bit-outs. The combined voltage is scaled and offset with s.p.o. and run through o_c, which is clocked at 3x and, running meta-q, cycles through three different sets of note masks. The second channel of meta-q is used as a sample-and-hold to provide some stepped modulation to the main oscillator’s waveform. Main voice is cloud terrarium > tallin > belgrad > 3 sisters > magneto > big sky. Maths function (also clocked at 3x) plucks belgrad and tallin, sisters add midsy honk. Secondary voice is a sine oscillator from assimil8or, a few octaves up from the main voice, revealed every 6 counts by an lfo > the sampler’s internal vca. This voice is then split, dry signal goes to main mix and also sent to clouds, where grains are shifted up another octave, triggered at 6x, and wetted up with some reverb.


    • Primary Oscillator Blade wave patched into Grandmother Noise In with Keyboard Out into Pitch so I have three oscillators, playing a three note sequence
    • Osc 1 and 2 are Square and Saw
    • White, Pink and Brown noise into Tangle Quartet VCA with various triangle waves into VCA in multiples of three with delay in multiples of three from Pam’s. Mix Out into SEM Filter, Cv’d by Clep Diaz in a multiple of three
    • Clep Diaz BOC into envelope generator, enveloping BP sent into VCA
    • Grandmother is being clocked as close to three as I can (clock was angry at me)
    • Clep Unipolar into Fragments CV-in, Fragments into Monsoon with second envelope into Size
    • LP from SEM into Spring Reverb In (is there such a thing as too much spring reverb? i don’t need that kind of negativity in my life)

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