Patchable 0006

For this Patchable you are challenged to create an extended feedback patch.  In its simplest form one could accomplish feedback by plugging a module output back into one of its inputs.  This creates a circular system in which there is no beginning or end. You can choose to do audio feedback or CV but you are encouraged to try both.  You are not limited to a singular feedback patch and could create an entire feedback network.

To get you inspired, one of the more popular feedback patches is the Krell patch.  This diagram illustrates the Krell patch in a very basic form.  The EOC from a looping AD triggers a random module, random voltages are sent back to both the attack and decay time of the AD.  This creates your main feedback loop.

The Challenge

Create a feedback patch using no less than 3 modules.  Feel free to extend this using several more modules or multiple feedback patches. You are not restricted from using other gear, but modular synths must be used.  



  1. Create an original piece of music following the above challenge.
  2. Include the suffix PATCHABLE-0006 in the track title.  A completed track title would look like this: Spiral Vortex PATCHABLE-0006.
  3. Upload your track to soundcloud by end of day, Friday November 22nd.
  4. Include a link to your track and patch notes in the comments below.
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Track for Patchable – 0006 for NYMS — Feedback. Patch notes: I don’t even know how I can explain this without writing a book. Everything in this patch, with the exception of the JOVE is feedbacked (is this even a word?)into something else. For instance: EON 1 is fed from EON 2. JOVE is fed into the feedback in on DubJR delay, and feedback out is put into the JOVE input. The EON envelopes are multed 5 times apiece, to control various cv inupts. The Pittsburgh Envelope is multed 3 times, and is also the main clock source for… Read more »

chris Morphagene -> QPAS -> Mimeophon -> Morphagene This patch uses a single splice from a Morphagene reel I created by sampling an antique xylophone I have. The Morphagene is patched both to the QPAS with the LP filter from the QPAS to the Mimeophone and then one stereo out back to the morphagene with the other out to the recording. The Mimeophone is toggled off and on of hold mode by the Morphagene end of slice and is set to a longer zone. These two things prevent the feedback from creating a tone. The attenuation is changed throughout the… Read more »


Little nerd clock triggering Arpitecht sending 1v/oct to rise/fall of Maths ch 1 on cycle, Maths EOR into Forbidden Planet LP Self resonating with FM by Arpitecht 1v/oct then sent to Mimeophon with Zone, Rate, and Color getting CV from Arpitecht 1v/oct


OSC – STO -> tri modulating MATHS rise (ch. 2), sin sync with OSC 2 (INSTRUO TS-L) – INSTRUO TS-L -> pulse and sub tri -> OPTOMIX ch. 1 LPG/VCA – OPTOMIX -> ch. 1 -> ECHOPHON, “all” -> 4ms DLD MATHS – ch. 1 -> unity -> OPTOMIX ch. 2 ctrl & QPAS q cv, “1” -> fall ch. 2 – ch. 2 -> unity -> ECHOPHON mix & OPTOMIX ch. 1 ctrl, “3” neg attn -> STO exo WOGGLEBUG (main clock to speed) – stepped -> QPAS Freq 1 cv – smooth -> INSTRUO pulse cv & MATHS… Read more »


Not sure if this is what you had in mind for a feedback patch but here it is anyway lol My patch notes: What you’re hearing is the outputs of the oscillator 1 and 4 of the Dreadbox Antiphon. Using stackable cables i split the outputs. Oscillator 1 into oscillator 2 cv FMing oscillator 2 which is FMing oscillator 3 which is FMing oscillator 4. The split off audio signals from oscillators 1 and 4 are going to a Doepfer quad VCA/mixer. The output of that is also being split with a stackable cable. One is going back into… Read more » I began with the Krell patch, and things went kind of crazy from there. I wanted to make an alien horror soundscape that would be useable in a film. Patch Notes: Stream 1: Make Noise Erbeverb feeding back. Depth getting S&H values from Frap Tools Sapèl. Tilt receiving N+1 (1 V/oct) voltage random. Absorb receiving 1/12 V random. Stream 2: Echophone with Feedback Output plugged into input. Feedback CV receiving inverted LFO from channel 3 of Intellijel Quadrax, which is receiving random 1 V/oct assigned to rise, shape, and 50% fall. Depth CV of Echophon receiving channel 1 of Quadrax set to burst mode being… Read more »

forestine I started by realizing I don’t think I can do a Krell with what I have, and then I ended up with this convoluted three-feedback-loop thing. Kinda in three sections but they’re all plugged into each other too. Patch note attempt: 1. Sequence/Envelope – pam’s clock clep diaz and multed to eg trigger in – pam’s random clock into mimetic digitalis – clep diaz set to random, bipolar into VC EG attack – Entropy infra into decay – bipolar envelope into Primary Oscillator Blade wave CV-In – Blade into SEM filter – Unipolar from Clep into CV2, Band Pass… Read more »

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