NYMS Showcase

NYMS Showcase

The NYMS Showcase is a monthly curated live streaming concert.  No interviews or talking heads, just the best cross-section of what modular synthesizer musicians have to offer.  


Fun and dedicated performances from talented, known and burgeoning artists using modular synths. Played for a welcoming, supportive and excited audience.


A monthly show that runs for 90-120 minutes. We will have 3-4 artists perform at each show. There is no minimum or maximum length set, but we encourage 20-30 minute slots. Artists are free to use any musical tools at their disposal, though part of the setup must include a form of modular synthesizer.  


Artists interested in playing live should first join us on discord Feel free to reach out to a curator with any questions. You must also read and understand these articles This information is essential to be able to stream.

If you have any questions at all about these articles or need assistance, please reach out to us on discord.

Past Performances

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